DDEV Docs & Website Flow

Improved the consistency, style, and clarity of a product’s documentation and website.


DDEV was a valuable open source tool that was underserved by its documentation and outdated website.

Steps Taken

  • Proposed a multi-step audit and improvement process for the documentation, and spent months editing for clarity and consistency in successive PRs.
  • Published a writing style guide to codify stylistic goals and encourage consistency.
  • Presentation my goals and progress in an advisory group meeting to improve awareness and invite feedback.
  • Regularly reviewed documentation-related PRs from the primary maintainer and outside contributors.
  • Designed, developed, documented, and launched a new marketing website working closely with the primary maintainer.
  • Made detailed recommendations for organizational improvement in GitHub, Discord, and other communication channels.


The documentation is more consistent, easier to navigate, and enhanced by improved reference materials. The new website better describes the product, recognizes its many contributors, and offers clear paths for potential users and supporters. Its public source code is available for PRs and future contributions.

Cropped screenshot of ddev.com’s relaunched homepage