The Website

This is my personal website and technical guinea pig, mostly a repository of book notes and sporadic thoughts I feel like publishing. I’d rather own my words than shove them off into Facebook, Twitter X, or those other things. Keeps me weird.

It’s built with Astro, using Markdown, Markdoc, a touch of Vue, and Tailwind CSS. Generated and hosted on Cloudflare Pages.

Type is set in Basic Sans by Daniel Hernández and Latinotype and DM Mono by Colophon Foundry.

I hope the site’s fast and accessible for you, and I’d love to hear from you if it isn’t! There’s no cookie notice because I don’t use any.

Last built May 23, 2024.

The Person

Photo of Matt’s face

I’m Matt, a design-educated developer, writer, and tinkerer wandering through his middle years. I’ve lived in six U.S. states and I’m married with a single child that’s actually just a small dog. I’m always puttering with something because I love learning new things and finding connections between random adventures.

I care a lot about listening, humor, storytelling, intention, attention to detail, and leaving things better than I found them. I’m an outgoing introvert and a highly sensitive person, which explains a lot of my perspective and existence.

I’ve spent the majority of my career running my own business designing and building websites, as a long-running experiment that kept providing income and endless opportunities to learn and evolve. I spent some time working with the lovely Craft CMS people, satisfied with bigger challenges and daily teamwork but missing the freedom and responsibility I enjoyed running my own thing.

I’m looking for an ideal intersection between what I’m good at, what I wake up eager to do, and what’s financially stable and supportive. I’m available for hire if you could use my help with something you’re doing.