Hire Me

Things I’d Love to Help With

User-Centered Strategy & Development

  • Reviewing documentation writing, organization, and workflows for opportunities to help people learn.
  • Optimizing SEO, performance, and accessibility for end user experience.
  • Writing your careers section to convey your organization’s actual culture and opportunities.
  • Making sure your contributing guidelines are clear and inviting.
  • Naming or explaining that one thing.
  • Finding every published “Github” and changing it to “GitHub”.

Organizational Support

  • Taking inventory of your tech stack to document and evaluate it against your goals and team composition.
  • Improving your team’s Notion or Confluence docs.
  • Reducing small to medium project infrastructure costs.
  • Translating static style guides into living design frameworks to encourage adoption and evolution.
  • Upgrading your monolithic CMS and building a headless front end—or, ironically, simplifying an overly-complex setup with a monolithic CMS.
  • Building custom integrations to share data, improve user experience, and increase insight.
  • Introducing GitHub Actions to help monitor and improve the quality of your code, writing, and site performance.

Things Not to Hire Me For

Because a bad fit wastes your time and mine.

  • WordPress development.
  • Highly specialized SEO or AdWords consulting, as opposed to broader site health and optimization.
  • Banners, popups, or ads that don’t put the end user’s interests first.
  • An urgent fire drill to kick off the relationship.
  • Working around things that are wildly insecure or out of date without fixing them.

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