Craft Roadmap

Helped develop, support, and sustain a public product roadmap.


The growing Craft CMS team needed clearer view of status across projects and lacked a public roadmap to convey intent to customers.

Steps Taken

  • Evaluated different tools and successfully encouraged adoption of Linear to promote best practices and maintain a shared internal roadmap.
  • Led design and development of a public roadmap that safely and selectively displayed information directly from Linear to reduce duplicated efforts and keep ourselves honest.
  • Documented public roadmap considerations and made sure the team was comfortable with them.
  • Regularly helped team members keep Linear projects and tasks accurate and up to date.


We were able to launch and maintain a public roadmap that focused community discussion and expectations, while improving our internal view of status across projects. This allowed us to work more in step, improve task clarity and timeliness, and support broader decision making with better insight.

Cropped screenshot of a page that reads: “Roadmap: Feature rollout for Craft CMS and Craft Commerce” with a Craft CMS heading just below and feature cards organized into Planned, In Progress, and Recently Shipped columns
One landing for different product documentation.
Tweet from @CraftCMS that reads “Curious about what’s in store for Craft CMS, Craft Commerce, and Craft Nitro? Wonder no more! We just published a Roadmap page with some of our planned, in-progress, and recently-shipped features, pulled straight from @linear. #craftcms”
The public launch announcement on Twitter.