Leviathan Wakes by James S. A. Corey

June 26, 2021

Gritty nearish-future noir with real characters, constant action, and an electrifying mix of humanity and the unknown.

I arrived at The Expanse watching the TV series, whose first few seasons I’d recommend.

I heard from a few people the books were really good, and this opening one went fast! The television adaptation spliced in some characters and story lines—maybe from later books which I’ll find out—but changed moments I strongly preferred in the book. I had a tough time putting it down and appreciated how much more character insight I got reading. In hindsight, many subtleties made it into the show I missed on first watch. For example, Belters gesture more physically so their body language can be read in a space suit.

There’s tons to ruin here if you’ve not seen or read this series, but it’s easy to recommend in either form. Knowing how the series went and how I just raced through this book, I have a feeling I’ll be happier with the books.

Easy-reading, fast-paced, and great storytelling steeped in the natural conflict of human nature. Also some other frightening stuff.

So much fun! Can’t wait to keep reading.