Dune by Frank Herbert

June 7, 2020

An exciting power struggle and coming-of-age story on a richly-imagined desert planet.

I finally picked the right book to get lost in.

The first few chapters were a struggle and I almost didn’t make it through. Some really odd naming choices took me right out of the story until I got numb to them, but the plot and immense detail supporting it were thoroughly intricate and compelling.

I think what makes this book (and apparently the series?) so enticing is how much it bundles into a tight story that’s always in motion: swashbuckling, power dynamics, philosophy and religion, ecology, etc. grounded in concepts and characters that feel familiar. I highlighted lots of epic one-liners from characters, often used almost casually in conversation.

For the complexity of characters and places, transitions of place, time, and perspective were always carefully made and easy to follow.

A satisfyingly deep, fun adventure. I think I’m late to the party on this one but glad I made it.