A Warning by Anonymous

March 19, 2020

A window into the Trump presidency and arguments about how it’s hurting us all.

If you’ve watched the news and read the tweets and considered our current president’s actions and motivations, nothing in this book would surprise you.

It felt both vital and predictable; more of what we’ve all seen, in higher resolution and with careful arguments that seemed to get more ranty and frustrated toward the end.

I try to avoid public policital discussions because they tend to be complicated and personal, and I’d rather play devil’s advocate over a drink than stoke tribal flames in any context. What I most appreciated about this book was that it aroused a sense of patriotism I thought I’d lost. It was written by someone of a different political affiliation, and I respect and agree with almost everything he or she wrote. Arguments were well-reasoned, supported by direct quotes and public information, and bolstered by quotes from historic figures about the nature of the presidency and our democracy. It insisted on respect for the presidency and our system and the dignity of every human being touched by it, while offering a sober assessment of the current situation.

I would be deeply interested to read a thoughtful critique of this book from an active or former Trump supporter.