Side Blogging

February 10, 2024 2 min read

I’m trying to get more comfortable being uncomfortable in public.

I started writing all over the place late last year.

Every time I found a new blog platform I wanted to try, I started writing there. It was freeing that nobody knew where these things were, and I found myself posting more regularly because of it. I wrote without overthinking and worrying quite so much, and was happier with what I wrote. Less reluctant to publish because maybe it was strange.

I started a barebones little side blog to play with Kirby and set up for this month’s daily blogging challenge.

I made the bold (?) move to consolidate posts from my secret blogs there, and I actually like the writing even though I’m nervous what you’d think of it and I’m not sure if it should be part of this site.

The writing I enjoy most is personal, honest, and vulnerable. Playful, not afraid to experiment.

That’s what my writing looks like over there, and yet I’m still not sure how vulnerable and weird I want to be in public. To me this site is more visible, being obviously attached to my name.

I ditched analytics in both places because it makes it easier to focus on what I’m saying with less stage fright.

So this is my way of telling you about it. That site mostly doesn’t link back here.

Maybe someday I’ll write everything in one place. Maybe I’ll develop an entirely different personality with a cool pseudonym. Maybe I need to try both. Or maybe this post and the varying degrees of separation are a waste of time.

Either way, I’ll keep writing.