This is a now page.

I’m getting to know Bend, Oregon having moved from Texas a few years ago.

I’m doing various client work while I explore writing, different kinds of web development, and spending more time away from my phone and my desk.

I traded my 15-year-old Jetta in for a Jeep and I’m learning how to take care of it and having a blast out on trails for the first time.

I love the personal, self-hosted, independent internet of people being creative and inventive and social and weird. I’m tired of big companies and big platforms. I want to figure out how to fight for and nurture the former, even though the jobs seem concentrated around the latter.

I finished a daily February blogging challenge around all of this.

I want to find my place, or get away from it all and figure out how to help people and earn a living without the internet playing a central role.