The Website

This is my personal website and technical guinea pig, mostly a repository of book notes and sporadic thoughts I feel like publishing. I’d rather own my words than shove them off into Facebook, Twitter, or those other things. Keeps me weird.

The site is built with Astro, using Markdown and a touch of Vue along with Tailwind CSS. It’s built and hosted on Vercel.

Last built March 31, 2023.

The Person

Photo of Matt’s face

I’m Matt, a design-educated developer, writer, and tinkerer wandering through his middle years. I’ve lived in six U.S. states and I’m married with a single child that’s actually just a small dog. I’m always puttering with something, whether it’s knife sharpening or programming or reading or sketching or video games or 3D printing or car detailing or cooking or making my own lip balm.

I’ve spent the majority of my career running my own business designing and building websites, as a long-running experiment that kept providing income and endless opportunities to learn and evolve. I spent some time working with the lovely Craft CMS people, satisfied with bigger challenges and daily teamwork but missing the freedom and order I enjoyed running my own thing.

I’m currently looking for an ideal intersection between what I’m good at, what I wake up eager to do, and what’s financially stable and supportive. (I don’t want to return to my former work, but adventure into something new.)

I care a lot about humor, storytelling, intention, attention to detail, and leaving things better than I found them. I’m an outgoing introvert, and strongly identify as a highly sensitive person, which explains a whole lot of my perspective and existence.

“Never fool yourself, and remember that you are the easiest person to fool.”

— Richard Feynman